lauantai 18. heinäkuuta 2015

Another day in Poridise

It's been a rough week. With the builders finished and gone - for a while anyway - and energies released from maintaining everyday routines in disorderly conditions, I felt a huge inner pressure to get as much in as good order as fast as possible. When it was not just about "as soon as they're gone I'll figure out what stuff needs to be moved to which room and what can be brought in from the storage" but an actual realisation of how far we are from really achieving some sort of completion in settling in and down, I had a bit of a break down. Just a minor one, but still.

It didn't help either that we had some teenage force digging the basement to find out if it can actually be turned into any kind of living area, or even just a dry and warm place to stack in winter gear or other spare clothing. It is clay soil here mostly, and building underground in this area is risky because in places the clay bed is really thin, and if you hit water underneath then that's it. If the river Kokemäenjoki starts to flood or there's heavy rain, you'll end up with a natural swimming pool in your basement. So. There was no spray or even a puddle of water, but a soft spot in the ground anyway. We'll have someone look at it and see where we stand.

It's the carnival week in Pori, with all the Finnish politicians and lobbyists participating in debates and games in SuomiAreena, and Pori Jazz Festival with a multitude of concerts spread about the banks of Kokemäenjoki. Usually I enjoy the way the town becomes a funny little anthill, but now I haven't had the energy to get excited. Not many plans, and the few I had were about giving the daughters a chance to get their bit of the bustle.

Then yesterday, at about six in the evening, Husband - who had warned me through the week that he might be interested in going out to see the concerts some night - told me it was time to get ready. And I was game! I just needed a nudge.

I mean, how cool is it that just a five-minutes' bike-ride away from Home you get Jessie J and Paloma Faith and Emeli Sandé perform to you live in a beautiful falling night? And even though this is a recurring thing - "every year in July" is the festival motto - and you start to take it for granted in a way, you can still get the same tingling feeling when you see all the happy and light-headed people who have transformed your own home town into something out of a fairytale for grown ups. Oh. The love.

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